Romania: moths

While on our Naturetrek visit to Romania, even though we were not particularly looking for moths, we still came across a few.  Nothing very rare but still good to see.  These shots include: a Burnet Companion; a Mother Shipton; and a Silver Y.

Euclidia glyphica
Euclidia mi
Autographa gamma

Westonbirt Bioblitz

We spent a fabulous morning taking part in the Bioblitz at Westonbirt.  Nature experts took groups round the arboretum to see small mammals, butterflies, bees, wildflowers, dragonflies and more.  My pictures include: marbled white, small skipper and comma butterflies; a wood mouse; large red and common blue damselflies; a pyramidal orchid (past its best); a red soldier beetle; male & female meadow grasshoppers; and a garden tiger moth.

Garden Tiger Moth

Large Red Damselfly

Mother Shipton

This moth is named after a Old Mother Shipton, a 16th century witch from Yorkshire who is said to have prophesied the death of Cardinal Wolseley and the Great Fire of London. The pattern on the forewing of the moth includes a shape that is very similar to the way the face of Old Mother Shipton was portrayed by caricaturists at the time.