Romania: The Beetles

Back in the USSR, no Romania. There are four different beetles in the band, but my bug identification skills are so poor that I may as well call them John, Paul, George & Ringo!






Romania: moths

While on our Naturetrek visit to Romania, even though we were not particularly looking for moths, we still came across a few.  Nothing very rare but still good to see.  These shots include: a Burnet Companion; a Mother Shipton; and a Silver Y.

Euclidia glyphica
Euclidia mi
Autographa gamma

Westonbirt Bioblitz

We spent a fabulous morning taking part in the Bioblitz at Westonbirt.  Nature experts took groups round the arboretum to see small mammals, butterflies, bees, wildflowers, dragonflies and more.  My pictures include: marbled white, small skipper and comma butterflies; a wood mouse; large red and common blue damselflies; a pyramidal orchid (past its best); a red soldier beetle; male & female meadow grasshoppers; and a garden tiger moth.

Garden Tiger Moth

Large Red Damselfly

Romania: butterflies

We were really lucky on this trip – not only did we see bears and birds – we also had some fabulous views of butterflies.  Some butterflies, like the Silver-washed Fritillary, will land and pose for photographs.  Others are far less co-operative.  The Clouded Yellow took off every time I approached and I struggled to get any sort of camera shot.

Brown Argus (Aricia agestis) – Denizdepe
Clouded Yellow (Colias croceus) – Ciucurova
Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus) – Vadu
Silver-washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia) – Macin Mountains