Farne Islands (2) – A Puffin Tale

We went to the Farne Islands to see a variety of birds but, the main reason most people go there… is for the puffins. Clownish little auks that waddle around and work incredibly hard to fish and then fight off the gulls to deliver food to their young.

The captioned pictures will hopefully give you a flavour of one puffin’s fishing trip…

Taking a relaxing stroll through the fields before a challenging flight
Final check of tail flight feathers
Shall I fly north, or south, or east, or west?
Final check on the sea conditions
Back on dry land after a successful mission.  Showing off the catch to my mates before heading to my chicks in the burrow.

Garden Warbler

We had a great couple of days at the RSPB reserve at Ham Wall. Saw a Bittern in flight on both days but not able to get a decent picture of either. We also saw several Garden Warblers and eventually I got some reasonable shots.


Sylvia borin – Ham Wall

The elusive Chough

First day in Pembrokeshire and we spent all morning and all afternoon walking along coastal paths enjoying the scenery and hoping that we would see a chough.  We did not see one.  Next morning we did the same thing – walking along clifftops, grassy banks, rock formations etc. – nothing.  After lunch we went to the beach at Marloes Sands.  We walked for a good two hours and, just as we were about to leave the beach, what did we see high up on the grassy bank between the rocky crags?….a pair of choughs.  A bit of a distance away but a lot better than not seeing one at all.


London’s Ring-necked Parakeets

People used to go to London to see the Queen or St Pauls, Big Ben or the Tower of London but, these days people go to see the Shard & the Gherkin or the London Eye …..or even the parakeets.  Yes, the parakeets!

We were in Kensington Gardens and, while we knew all about the Ring-necked parakeets that populate many of London’s parks, we were astounded at how many overseas tourists visit to see them.

Psittacula krameri


Romania: other wildlife

This is a round-up of some of the wildlife seen on our Naturetrek trip in Romania that haven’t featured in any of the earlier posts.  The shots below include: colourful bee-eaters, rollers and glossy ibis; new species for us – the Syrian woodpecker and Romania’s ground squirrel – the souslik; and some more regular species like the tawny pipit, fieldfare and rook.

Merops apiaster
Coracias garrulus
Turdus pilaris
Anthus campestris


Spermophilus citellus
Corvus frugilegus